Who Are We?

Everyone Should Have a Second Chance At Being WHOLE

Vision Statement: At AmirCola New Beginnings, our vision is to contribute to the success, wholeness and maximum potential of adult male veterans who are in transition.

Our Mission: The mission of AmirCola New Beginnings, is to create a culture of wholeness through a holistic approach to supporting and empowering homeless veterans in their journeys to independent living. 


Our Focus: Assisting male veterans impacted by homelessness with acquiring the skills needed to successfully transition into their communities as whole, independent and productive citizens. 


Core Values:

  • Achieving excellence together

  • Creating New Beginnings

  • Elevating Others

  • Changing Lives

  • Commitment 

  • Compassion

  • Empower

  • Purpose

Purpose: Our purpose is to contribute to the success of men who have made a sacrifice than many would not...t serve their country! It is our purpose to restore those who are too often discarded, forgotten, deemed irredeemable or simply who may need a little extra love and support on their path to independence. 


Company Niche: Specializing in working homeless adults using a holistic approach to address their needs, empowering them to achieve beyond their current limits to be successful.


Target Market: male veterans aged 21-75 who are dealing with homelessness or housing instability and need a safe, and clean space to gain the tools needed to become independent. 

Goal: Our goal is to see those we support be confident in their ability to be successful in any goals they wish accomplish. 

Solution: We provide support and resources that not only equip them for success but also prepare them with skills they will in their personal and professional life.