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All inclusive Adult Independent Living & Transitional Programs

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(shared rooms)

Establish Healthy Eating Habits

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Transitional Independent Living Housing Support Services: Services offered through the Transitional Independent Living Program are designed to help adult male veterans in need of transitional living services that will allow them to be self-sufficient. Everyone can find a path back to a healthy and productive life. We don’t give up on anyone.  We’re here when they’re ready. 


AmirCola case management staff will assist the resident in determining his or her needs through an intensive intake and assessment process that evaluates the client's strengths and needs. This process allows case managers to triage clients by providing internal referrals as well as information and referrals to other agencies in the community.

Transitional Living Plan: Develop transitional plan from supervised participation to independent living or another appropriate living arrangement. 

Job Readiness: AmirCola works with its residents to obtain the critical documents, such as state IDs and birth certificates, necessary to obtain employment. AmirCola Case Managers will provide the necessary training for our clients to obtain gainful employment such as resume building, mock interviews, clothing vouchers, transportation assistance and skills assessment. ​

Individual & Group Services: AmirCola provides a variety of group services, and partners with community agencies, to provide individual & group services at little or no cost. These include classes in conflict resolution, social skills, team building, etiquette, anger management, domestic violence prevention, substance abuse education and prevention, support groups, financial literacy and money management, budgeting, pre and post job & career readiness, and higher educational resources. Transportation to and from medical, vision and dental appointments will be provided.

Health & Wellness and Life Skills Assistance: AmirCola provides referrals to mental health and recovery resources as well as other low cost, or no cost, counseling agencies in the community for clients struggling with a mental illness and/or substance abuse. AmirCola staff provide access to food or groceries that are prepared by staff, AmirCola staff will also provide live skills training, including hands on training, to teach the clients to prepare meals, properly sort, wash and dry laundry, will assist residents with applying for food stamps, completing employment and housing applications, and connect with community resources that will help them once they have transitioned into their own place. 

Services offered through the Transitional Living Program are designed to help people who are homeless transition to self-sufficient living. Everyone can find a path back to a healthy and productive life. We don’t give up on anyone.  We’re here when they’re ready. 

Financial Planning:  Money management and saving, budgeting, consumer education, and use of credit. 

Basic Life Skills: Grocery shopping ,cooking, laundry, cleaning, organization, time management, and basic home maintenance.  

Personal Development Skills: Problem solving, communication, confidence building, integrity, work ethic, and adaptability, leadership and overcoming fears. 

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Male Adult  Veterans Independent Living Transitional Program

(shared rooms)

AmirCola New Beginnings offers community based residential independent living & transitional program for male adult veterans who are experiencing homelessness or housing instability.

Our program addresses and provides the basic needs to assist with a successful preparation into independent living in an effort to empower and support them with a smooth transitioning so they may thrive within their communities. In partnership with community partners, the independent living & transitional program provides structured, transitional housing in a shared room and shared living space, offers supportive services, individual and group services in the areas of social skills, conflict resolution, job & career readiness, healthy living, family and community engagement, money management, life skills and introduction to vocational trades.