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Our Approach

Programs for You, Your Family, Your Community

AmirCola New Beginnings is much more than an ordinary Transitional Living Home - it’s your home away from home. Designed with your personal, professional, community and spiritual  needs in mind, our facilities are warm and inviting.  


Our Founder, Joycelyn Adams is dedicated to the whole person, connecting struggling individuals, their families, and other loved ones to resources and opportunity that will change their lives for the better.  Joycelyn does this by focusing on basic needs such as food, shelter, water, dignity, respect, compassion and re-entry services such as corporate training and professional development, mental and emotional support, reintegration, reduce criminal thinking and increase pro-social behaviors.

We firmly believe that there are multiple paths to re-entering society—and AmirCola New Beginnings is absolutely committed to helping individuals find their NEW Beginning and stay on the path to success.

But whatever that path may include, we’ve seen that every path is easier to travel with the right support. 


 A Distinct Identity

Specializing in Wellness & Holistic Focused Restorative Practices 


AmirCola New Beginnings specializes in supporting wholeness (and wellness) through therapeutic, holistic and restorative practices that address trauma, self-esteem, leadership, confidence, etiquette and life skills. Our services are critical to the wellness and wholeness of the adults we serve, many of whom have dealt with homelessness, PTSD and other life changing traumas. Our number one goal is for our residents to feel at ease in an environment that is safe, nonjudgmental and one that encompasses their WHOLE selves while  supporting them on their journey to independence . Over the years, we’ve discovered that community is crucial, as well as providing specially designed services at the right moment.


We pride ourselves on our unique services that cater to the individual needs of those in our care. From emotional support services to assistance with finding a job and their own path to success and independence, our team is here to support you every step of the way. We know everyone faces unique challenges, which is why we engage in a person centered and holistic approach with each resident through our variety of services.

Community Networking

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“I had the pleasure of working with Americola New Beginnings on my protect the homeless community project. The owner was very professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. I highly recommend this company.”

- Blondell A.

“Joycelyn has not only helped me with achieving my own business goals, but I have seen how hard she fights for others whom have lived a difficult and troublesome lifestyle. Her dedication to give back to her community and the less fortunate never ceases to amaze me.”

- Kim M. 

“Joycelyn and I have been childhood friend for 40 plus years and not only has she helped me with achieving my business goals but also personal goals. I have seen her dedication in helping individuals with troubled past be able to become productive citizens. She has opened her home to several friends who wanted to migrate to Georgia. She has helped many individuals with convictions to become gainfully employed. She is an avid supporter of new businesses and her commitment to giving back to her community is second to none!”

- Yolande B.